Sunday, December 6, 2009

The December Hot Chocolate Crawl

Say goodbye to Swiss Miss, because this experience will change your relationship with chocolate. Hot chocolate, that is.

Please join NYC Food Crawl for the December Hot Chocolate Crawl on Sunday, December 20 at 3:00pm. We will meet at the southwest corner of Washington Square Park (near the chess tables) and spend the afternoon sampling a wide variety of hot chocolates across the west side of Manhattan ranging from spicy Aztec-inspired blends, to decadent Italian cioccolata densa, to sensuous drinking chocolate stuffed with oversized marshmallows.

No RSVP necessary. Feel free to bring friends or make new ones. Hot chocolate scorecard and map will be provided. Pay as you go. Come hungry, leave happy.

Here is the official Facebook invite for the event. Feel free to add yourself and invite your friends!

You can also follow us on Twitter to catch up with locations along the crawl.

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  1. This sounds really great. Wish I were going to be in town for it. Let me know the next one --, - love to write you up!

  2. Any idea where the hot chocolate in the photo is from? It looks DELICIOUS!

    My Minneapple in the Big Apple group sponsored a "Minnesota State Fair Food Crawl" last August and it's an annual event.
    Food crawls rock!

  3. This sounds interesting...comes to Queens, or long island!!



  4. i cant make this event, i hope you post the list of places you attented like the past-

  5. Seconding EOMONROE. Please post the spots you guys hit after, as I can't make it either. Sadness. You guy have a blast!