Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pierogi map

I'm going to make the March Pierogi Crawl map public on Google maps in advance so that you can use the map to follow the route easily on your phone. Enjoy!

View March Pierogi Crawl in a larger map

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pierogi this THURSDAY

Thanks for your patience, folks! You asked for it, and we are excited to present the March Pierogi Crawl this Thursday, March 31. Truly, this has been the most commonly requested food theme in my years on the crawl, and this one will be so worth a week's postponement due to illness, new jobs, and essentially the perfect storm of schedule suckiness from these quarters.

So look for me in blue at the north corner of McCarren Park, at the intersection of Bedford, Nassau and Lorimer. We are meeting at 6:30 pm, and I will be handing out maps and if necessary, team assignments.

A quick note on the hosting venues for this crawl. Usually we make a point of choosing food which is easily eaten on the fly, like dumplings. Pierogi is a bit tough to eat standing, so most of our venues will be more of a sit-down affair. Enjoy the slower pace of this route, and tip well. Even though we focus on affordable snacks here at the crawl, it still costs our hosts money when we occupy their tables.

So! Thursday, 6:30, McCarren Park. Be there or be square!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

rain + sick organizers = POSTPONED PIEROGI

I'm sorry to say, we are postponing the pierogi adventure for one week.

On March 31, we will explore the exciting pierogi offerings to be found in Greenpoint, not this coming Thursday the 24th. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but sadly your fearless foodie leaders have both fallen ill with a cold, and it's supposed to rain that day anyway. Ordinarily we would crawl rain or shine (and in fact have done so!), but that combined with icky maladies (and new jobs...congratulations, Tiffany!) make postponement a more necessary call.

We all hope to see you in Greenpoint on March 31st!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Crawl Takes it to the Boroughs

You asked, we listened! It's pierogi in March, boys and girls. And in order to bring you that most amazing appetizer, we're going to bring the Crawl to Brooklyn. Oh yeah.

We're also bringin' it back to our roots a bit; the original crawl was for dumplings in Chinatown. This is dumplings gone to Poland (or for the purposes of our ambulatory exploration...Greenpoint). Pierogi are a traditional dish throughout Eastern Europe, with variants in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. They come in meat and cheese varieties in addition to the basic potato filling, and are often served with sauerkraut as well. A hint - sour cream is also pretty awesome on either boiled or fried pierogi.

So whichever your preference, we want you to come share the Crawl's first out-of-Manhattan experience on March 24. Meeting point will be announced shortly.