Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Crawl Takes it to the Boroughs

You asked, we listened! It's pierogi in March, boys and girls. And in order to bring you that most amazing appetizer, we're going to bring the Crawl to Brooklyn. Oh yeah.

We're also bringin' it back to our roots a bit; the original crawl was for dumplings in Chinatown. This is dumplings gone to Poland (or for the purposes of our ambulatory exploration...Greenpoint). Pierogi are a traditional dish throughout Eastern Europe, with variants in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. They come in meat and cheese varieties in addition to the basic potato filling, and are often served with sauerkraut as well. A hint - sour cream is also pretty awesome on either boiled or fried pierogi.

So whichever your preference, we want you to come share the Crawl's first out-of-Manhattan experience on March 24. Meeting point will be announced shortly.


  1. Is this during the day or in the evening?

  2. Can you please provide more details about this crawl. I never know about this website until I watched the Bethany show.. and she went to a food crawl in NYC... so I googled it and found this website. I would like to attend but can you provide more info/details? Thank you!