Monday, February 21, 2011

February Truffle Crawl route map

Also, for those of you who lamented via Twitter that you couldn't make it: I present, the map!

View February Truffle Crawl in a larger map

Thanks for sharing the food love!

Friends, thanks for coming out last Saturday. We appreciate you adventurous folks willing to brave the cold and entrust us with your weekend afternoon! Hopefully, our efforts to bring you tasty treats (and within a close enough radius to keep any toes from getting too frozen) brought joy to your day.

After checking the results from last month's crawl, I'm pleased to announce that Vanessa's Dumplings was the favorite shumai stop of the evening, with Jing Fong Restaurant coming up in second. If you have any photos of either the January Shumai or the February Truffle crawls, we'd love to see them on the Flickr group pool.

Scorecard and official photos of the February Truffle Crawl are shortly forthcoming. Until good food and stay curious!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Announcing: The February Truffle Crawl!

We're pleased to announce a crawl for both lovers of sweets and lovers of environs north of 14th St. (We know, it's been all Village, all the time these past couple of months.) On February 19th, we'll be exploring the wonderful world of chocolate truffles!

Named after the mushrooms of the same name, original truffles were made of chocolate ganache and rolled in cocoa. As truffles developed, they came to be enrobed in chocolate, giving us a delightful profusion of varieties. Champagne truffles, a particular favorite around this time of year, feature ganache mixed with champagne for the filling. Liqueur truffles are also offer an interesting take on the classic sweet.

Meet us at 2 pm near the Rockefeller Center Skating Rink, northeast corner.