Friday, November 25, 2011

Macarons on November 30

...NOT the macaroon crawl!* Rather than the small, firm coconut things, we are seeking out the finest light, nutty, crispy yet moist cookie that can be had this side of the Atlantic.** Though they also come in such amazing flavors as lavender, Earl Grey, and classic chocolate.

To allow maximum macaron enjoyment, I'd like to announce a meeting time that is a little earlier than usual. Some of our selected hosting establishments tend to close on the earlier side, so I'd like to get rolling earlier to give us all time to see them all. (One proprietor has kindly offered to stay open a little later for us! I will let you know, please be sure to thank him, and -as always- tip well.)

After many popular sweet events, such as the chocolate truffle and brownie crawls, I hope to see many of you fine folks yet again.

The Deets:

We're meeting up at 6 on the SW corner of Washington Square Park the evening of Wednesday, November 30. I promise we have some lovely locations scouted, and I would like to again stress that one of our proprietors has offered to stay open later to accommodate us. Please be kind, polite and tip well!

*Though if you're curious about the differences between macarons and macaroons and why it matters, this is a fascinating read:

**Well, ALMOST the finest since Laduree's lines are too long for the crawl. But they fly their macarons in straight from Paris so I don't quite think they count as "this side of the Atlantic."

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