Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back in action: The October Slice Crawl!

On October 25, we're out and about looking for some of the best pizza slices in Manhattan! This was a tough one to research since the locations which are generally agreed to be NYC's best are not exactly within crawling distance of one another. (Seriously, Grimaldi's at one end of Brooklyn and Spumoni Gardens on the other? Yikes.) Another obstacle we encountered in mapping a route was trying to find locations which wouldn't have such long lines that your experience would be limited to too few locations.

Consequently, this month's crawl will have a location list that's a little shorter than you're used to seeing. As slices tend to be pretty filling, I daresay we'll still have a bit of a challenge ahead of us even with a shorter route. We're looking at a route in the vicinity of Gramercy, so check back the week of the crawl for the meetup point!

Alternatively, we now have a nifty subscription feature on the blog, so you can add your email address and get notified as soon as info hits the blog!


  1. Best quintessential nyc slice

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