Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 25: Crawling pour les crêpes!

Greetings, lovers of mobile munchies. I'm happy to share the theme for May's Food Crawl...crêpes!

On Wednesday, May 25, we go in search of one of the more versatile street foods we've yet attempted. Crêpe, meaning "tissue" in French, is a simple, thin pancake made of flour, egg and milk that is used to wrap up virtually any filling for easy eating on the hoof. Nutella is among the more ubiquitous and popular crêpe toppings, however they can also be enjoyed with more savory fillings as well. Any film buffs who may be following us will perhaps also recall the adorable scene in Amelie when she imagines vinyl LPs being made on a crêpe griddle. Happily, crêpes are also to enjoy in vegetarian forms if that's how you roll.

Meet at 7 p.m. at the northeast corner of Sara D. Roosevelt Park (Intersection of Forsyth and E. Houston). We will again be using more than one crawl route, and route maps will be distributed to teams before we set out. And as food take patience. Be nice and give good tips to the kind folks who are being asked to make a ton of food in short order.

Correction: minutes after posting this, I realized that I gave the meeting point as Chrystie and Forsyth, which of course does not exist. At least in this timestream...

I also said it was a Thursday crawl, which is incorrect. May 25 is a Wednesday.


  1. Alas, we weren't able to make it on the 25th, but we DID find some amazing crêpes at The Crooked Tree (LES) the other week. Also, up at Alice's Tea Cup (UES) we found some pretty decent ones.

    We would love to know what were the great finds on your Crêpe Crawl?

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