Saturday, July 17, 2010

Welcome to a new season of Food Crawl!

And we are back in July by popular demand!

After a delightful taco crawl late last April, the Crawl was forced to take a short hiatus. Mara, our dear founder, has been road tripping across the US and is moving to Colorado this summer, so for some weeks the future of the Crawl has been uncertain.

However! Fear not, gentle gourmands! I’m pleased to say that I, Amanda, will be taking over as the new Director O’ Crawls, and I’m super excited to lead this month’s crawl on Thursday, July 22.

One of the most common themes we hear that people would like to do is ice cream. The wait for this particular portable delicacy is over! This Thursday we’ll be bumming around the Meatpacking District in search of the city’s best frozen sweets. Due to the popular demand of this theme, we’re trying something new: an e-mail RSVP for the crawl’s meet up point. We’re excited for you to join us, but so we can give our vendors a heads up, please let us know you’re coming at

Thank you my fine foodie friends! Stay cool ‘till this Thursday.

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  1. I can only hope there will be a venture down Bleecker Street to Cones, Grom, and the gelato-onna-stick place that I can never remember the name of.