Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NYC Food Crawl Presents: The April Taco Crawl


Some like it soft, some like it crunchy, and some like it hot (and spicy!).

At its most basic, a taco consists of a corn or flour tortilla folded around shredded meat and beans, and is often supplemented with garnishes such as salsa, cilantro, tomatoes, limes, sour cream, rice, cheese, hot sauce, onions and lettuce. From traditional Mexican tacos stuffed with chicken, fish, beef, or pork, to tacos sudados (literally "sweaty tacos") steamed in a basket, Indian tacos served on frybread, and skinny deep-fried taquitos, the art of the taco offers a broad palette of cheap, portable, and delicious options to enjoy.

Please join NYC Food Crawl for the April Taco Crawl on Thursday, April 29. We will meet at 7pm sharp by the Cube at Astor Place and spend two hours sampling different types of tacos across the Union Square/Gramercy area. Taco route, map, and team assignments will be provided at starting point, so don't be late! Go at your own pace, pay as you go. Come hungry, leave happy, and may the best taco win!

Meet at the Cube at Astor Place (Astor Place at 4th Avenue)
7:00p; $free
No RSVP necessary

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  1. Thank you to the beautiful people that came to Cosmic Cantina!!!!