Monday, February 15, 2010

Upcoming: The February Pork Bun Crawl

In honor of the Chinese New Year this month, we will head back to Chinatown and dive deep into pork bun territory for our fifth NYC Food Crawl. (Sorry vegetarian friends, but we’re overdue for a meat crawl)

Char siu bao, the Cantonese pork bun, is prepared in two distinct ways: steamed with a white & fluffy exterior or baked to a crispy golden brown. Both types typically include sweet-yet-savory barbecued pork in a reddish pink sauce, though other ingredients in the filling vary according to local custom. Originally created as a sacrificial offering “in the shape of a head” during more barbaric times in China’s long history, the plumply juicy char siu bao has since become the darling of dim sum and a staple of Chinese bakeries around the world.

Please join NYC Food Crawl for the February Pork Bun Crawl on Sunday, February 28 at 3:00pm. We will meet at the northeast corner of Columbus Park, at the intersection of Mulberry Street and Bayard St, and spend a couple hours sampling different types of pork buns across Chinatown.

Check out our official Facebook invitation and feel free to add your friends. Hope to see you there!

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