Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hot Wings will be on the UES

Hope you're stoked for some spicy goodness, because we are crawling this Thursday rain or shine. Hot wings fans should assemble at the southeast corner of 77th Street and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. We're meeting at 7, but you can always follow @nycfoodcrawl to see where we're at.

Also, I got a humorous comment on my post announcing this month's theme in Google Buzz. Since those comments don't post to Blogger, I would like to share with the class. For context, my friend hails from western New York in the vicinity of Buffalo:

There are those of us who would shake our heads in sadness at the thought of the line "Hot wings, also known as Buffalo wings..."

Buffalo wings come from Western New York. If they are not in or from Buffalo, they are merely hot wings or, perhaps at their best, "Buffalo-style wings." Certainly, nothing found in the Five Boroughs is a Buffalo Wing, unless the establishment owner is prepared to furnish proof of multiple decades worked in a county like Erie or Cattaraugus.

The Anchor Bar claims to have invented them, but as you point out, that claim is contested.

Indeed! Hence the "Hot Wing Crawl." ;) Sadly, Mr. Curator will not be able to crawl with us, but for those who enjoy lighthearted beer and wing snobs, check out his blog: The Pour Curator

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The April Hot Wing Crawl: April 28!

We here at the Crawl are excited to announce our April event: The April Hot Wing Crawl!

Hot wings, also known as Buffalo wings, are one of the more distinctly American food themes we've taken on since we started schlepping for food in 2009. Although it's uncertain who the maker of the first hot wings was, we can confidently say that they did actually originate in Buffalo. Small and snackable, the hot wing is traditionally a bar munchie. Hot wings can be enjoyed with varying levels of spiciness, and are generally served with ranch salad dressing, which balances out the heat of the wings.

A note on venues for our upcoming crawl: historically we have attempted to maintain affordability and family-friendliness on the crawls by avoiding alcoholic or other bar crawls. In response to crawler requests for a culminating point at the end in order to hang out and swap notes on all the evening's awesomeness, we've been picking a bar to hang out at following everyone's completion of the route.

The April Hot Wing Crawl is kind of breaking precedent in that it is, really, a bar crawl that's focused on the food. As such, we would respectfully ask all our foodie friends to pace themselves and to know their limits if they are indulging in the traditional accompanying beverage for hot wings. By avoiding overindulgence and maintaining a polite demeanor, other hosting venues will be happy to see us on future crawls!

Crawl meeting point to be announced shortly. Can't wait to see you there!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More savory crawling April 28

Hello food lovers! We're busily working on the April 2011 edition of the NYC Food Crawl! Details are still being confirmed, but we are certainly crawling for more savory stuff this time around. See you soon!